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Welcome to Narayan Tuition!
Are you fed up with having to learn stuff that you don't want to learn? Are you looking for a tutor who can teach you what you want to play rather than what you are supposed to play? Well, you've found the right place!

Hey there and welcome to my site! My name is Phil Sutton and I run Narayan Tuition in Lichfield, Staffordshire.
Narayan Tuition specialises in Guitar and Bass Guitar tutoring to the individual needs of each student! Rather than pushing students to learn things that they have no interest in, my method focuses on taking the music that each student loves and developing their playing ability around it!
This doesn't mean that the theory and practical aspects of playing are ignored, in fact, it means that the theory can be illustrated to students through something that they love, making it much more interesting to learn!
Here at Narayan Tuition you are guaranteed to get the best deal! Whether your a parent looking for a tutor for your child, or a prospective student yourself, all are welcome. There are no restrictions on ability or age, in fact the only thing you really need is the passion to take you and your instrument further. With Narayan Tuition, you are not only are you getting the best in private guitar tutoring, but you're getting the best in price too!
Also, Until 31st August 2009 every trial session will be charged at HALF PRICE! Check out the Sessions / Prices Section for Session details.

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Tuition with Intuition...

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